The Plight
The Plan
The Plight
The Plan
My first thanks goes out to my beloved family, who as well as giving me both money and kit list donations, have also given me love and support, advice and encouragement, trips up hills and the location of a store that sells jungle boots. You'll probably find them mentioned several times throughout this website including on this webpage...

That's it for the Oscar-style thanks; here's a list of other people who have helped me on my quest, as well as some other important links. Most of the images on this page are links as well as the different coloured text, so if you click them you'll open another page showing more information about the person or people being talked about (please ask the company or people for permission if you want to use their picture). Also, I don't hold any responsibilty of what is said or shown on the linked websites, since they are not mine!

Charities, Organisations and Projects
Orangutan Health Project
This is the marvelous conservation project that I volunteered to go on. It was for two weeks, and I saw my first orangutans here, as well as a wealth of other creatures and plants, whilst trying to help save them from extinction. OHP is in cooperation with the UMI - Saving of Pongidae Foundation. You will be able to see how I rated this conservation trip in my review in the Reviews section.

Borneo Orangutan Survival UK
Link to Borneo Orangutan Survival UK
Also known as BOS UK. I'm going to help the orangutans in Sumatra, but Borneo is the other place where wild orangutans live. If you'd like to link this charity's website like I have, it says on their site that "You can add any of our orangutan pictures in this site to your hyperlink if you like" (their site, not mine!). That is where the beautiful picture came from, although the one one their site is larger. Keep the 8th August 2008 as an intriguing date your diary, because BOS is making it 888 - Extinction is Forever (BOS Day)!

Orangutan Appeal UK
Link to Orangutan Appeal UK
Another charity aiding the orangutans. Their efforts to protect wild orangutans include attempting to raise world-wide awareness, and by providing support and funding for "projects across Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo". I have bought some leech socks with my own money from their shop because although they are not on my kit list, I have a feeling that they will come in handy!

Orangutan Foundation
Link to the Orangutan Foundation
This is the charity that I would like any extra fund-raised money to go to if I have raised enough for my orangutan conservation trip yet have not yet reached the 2000 mark. Author Terry Pratchett likes them very much, and they have also been helping me by sending some orangutan-related information that I was was having trouble finding.

Sumatran Orangutan Society
Link to the Sumatran Orangutan Society
Also known as SOS! Here is another charity website, where you can learn more about our orangutan friends in Sumatra. SOS like to raise orangutan awareness, plant trees, and generally try to help the Sumatran people live happily side by side with the orangutan's rainforest home so that it and the orangutans will still be there in the future. It is from their shop that I have purchased the sarong for my conservation trip.

Mystical Crystals
(Mystical Crystals, 36 The Market Place, Cromford, Derbyshire)
(Tel/Fax: +44(0)1629 825840)
(email: healing@mysticalcrystals.co.uk)
A nice person in Mystical Crystals donated some money to my cause whilst I was in there buying some crystals and a book, so I'm mentioning their shop here just in case you are interested in mystical things, healing and crystal books etc. I'm pretty sure they sell relaxing/ meditation music too. They were the first person that I did not know before, to donate money, so they have helped me gain confidence in that area because I can be a shy soul. Thank you!

TOC Aromatherapy by Maggi Dearmer
(Peartree, Holmside Lane, Durham DH7 0DY)
(Tel: 0191 371 9167)
(email: mdearmer@btinternet.com)
TOC were the first company to donate a palm-free competition prize for my cause. They specialise in hand-crafted, natural, organic soaps and skin care products. The products are palm-free, vegetarian, SLS free and contain no parabens. The products are also tested on themselves not animals; they do not test or fund testing on animals. Everyone from the company has been really friendly, and Maggi is creating bug-repellent products specially for my trip at a very fair price. They have no website at the moment so I linked to a page with information on them. In my opinion you should see their products with your own eyes because the images on the site don't get across how beautiful some of their products are, or how well they work.

Link to Montezuma's
Montezuma's are a chocolate company who donated lots of Orangutang speciality chocolate bars for my fund-raising competitions; I was told that they use no palm in their products whatsoever. Even vegans can be happy because they also have some interesting vegan chocolates in their range.

Link to Wicknwax
Wicknwax donated some gorgeously scented, marvelous-looking palm-free wax tarts and an excellent banana smoothie candle to my competitions. Any soy used does not have a negative effect on the Amazon either, and the patchouli and sandalwood in the candles and tarts are synthetic, which means they should be totally orangutan-friendly (real patchouli and sandalwood are on BOS's "products to avoid page, so you have to be careful with those ingredients too). I'm not sure yet if there's any palm hiding in any of the other products due to the common vegetable and SLS problem, or on the state of the patchouli and sandalwood in the other products, but if you're looking for rainforest and orangutan friendly candles and wax tarts, this is a lovely shop. None of their ingredients and fragrances are tested on animals, and they can even customise candles to your taste!

Lush cosmetics
Lush's products are not all palm-free yet, but they have got encouragement from the director of BOS UK for their decision to try to avoid palm oil in their products. I've also found out that they support the SOS by sponsoring their Orang-U-Van. Yay!

I did get a little bit of money donated from my Newcastle Lush fund-raising box, and I was given some products to use as prizes that were thought to be palm-free at the time, but unfortunately one suffered from the hidden palm problem, and now Lush cannot guarantee the rest are palm-free for a long time. This is why they aren't in my palm-free competition. They informed me that they were told by suppliers that the ingredients in their Greenwash soap were palm-free, but it was found out later that there had been a mistake. I've been informed the message will be relayed to the head of training, because shops should have all been told by now. Because of this, the shampoo bar will be coming with me to the rainforest instead so that the accident still does some good, and the other bits will be going to other trip fund-raising uses that don't include the palm-free competition. Good luck to Lush in creating orangutan-safe products!

Chill-Deli in Heaton; these guys were the first to say they'd put an animal portraits poster up for me in their shop. I can see it when I walk past. Thanks!

Amandas Organic Store
Amandas Organic Store have helped me with my orangutan-saving quest, so they deserve to be popped up on my Thanks page too! I met them at the Keen Green Festival in Newcastle. Most of the goodies they sell contain no palm. There are some goods that they sell made by a company with palm in them, but I was told that the palm is from an ethical source.

They sell quite a few things but I bought an organic formula deodorant for my conservation trip here. It is vegan and should make me smell nice to humans but not to bugs! They also sell mouthwash, and lots of different flavour toothpastes with some organic ingredients in them which I couldn't resist trying!

McMurtry & Harding, the Derbyshire Vets
McMurtry & Harding really helped out by aiding me in my medical kit bit search - some bits were really proving annoying to find. They also offered to display one of my pet portrait posters in their visitor's book, which I still need to give them!

Glen Dee Heathers
(Dunnichen, Drumoak, Banchory, AB31 5HA)
(Tel/fax: 01330 811404)
(email: marj@glendee.eclipse.co.uk)
Glen Dee Heathers have been absolutely helpful in many ways, including helping come up with fund-raising ideas and providing me with materials for my pet portraits. They sell plants, mainly heather, and make wonderful Scottish gifts with lucky heather including bookmarks, magnets, and keyrings.

Sarah Holdcroft
Link to Sarah Designs
Sarah Holdcroft has very kindly said she'll add my link to her website. She makes the most stunning glass paintings but she also has many other talents including photography and ceramic art. I stuck the banner together using bits from her website but I really don't think it does her work justice, so give her link a click and see how pretty everything actually is!

Little Cherry
Link to Little Cherry
This caring company specialises in eco-friendly party supplies. They have very nicely donated some natural raffia ribbon to me. After I use the weeny bits of organza ribbon I have left (used on my handicraft story scrolls), the raffia ribbon will take its place. This pretty-coloured ribbon will make a beautiful and more eco-friendly alternative to what I use, and so will help my quest to make my products better for the environment where possible!

Other Interesting Links
Driven to Destruction
Link to Driven to Destruction
Here is a website of a fellow orangutan lover that you might want to look at! We're doing a link swap so you might see my website on there somewhere. Driven to Destruction has been mentioned on the BOS UK website, but now it's mentioned on here too!

Kids Save Apes
Some more orangutan lovers here! Kids Save Apes is a website dedicated to teaching people about apes, and to doing what they can to save them. They do lots of ape-saving antics including fund-raising and trying to start after-school clubs, and are trying to get children all around the world to help out. Have a peek at the website and see what you think.

Gardener's Corner
This is a forum for all you green-fingered people. If you have any gardening-related questions or want to chat to like-minded people, try here. Whilst growing my plants I've asked here for advice, and they also let me put a link up to my website.

Everyone Else to Thank!
- Alex Mayer for his huge bag of rainy day coins
- Amanda Clark for her donation - Thank yooooooou!
- Amy for her extra donation.
- Annajack for taking her time to make a beautifully knitted, one-of-a-kind oranguteddy for a competition!
- Chris Bailey for his donation. Hellooo, I hope you have found my website OK!
- Christopher Stanton - My wonderful boyfriend and a judge in my palm-free competition; without him, my orangutan conservation efforts might have never happened. Amongst other things he has given me hugs, advice, technical knowledge, and a compass and whistle so I don't get lost! He has also raised money for the Orangutan Foundation.
- Community Fayre in my little home town of Wirksworth. The guys and gals put together an article in their newsletter about me and my orangutan conservation efforts to give people something interesting to read and help spread the orangutan word and at the same time!
- Dave Hicks for an excellent orangutan-helping "late Christmas present"
- Ellieeee for several things including competition entries, a carbon footprint-reducing donation, and for giving me encouragement.
- Fran for being a walking buddy.
- Gareth Renaud - for you support, donation and love of my products. Ook ook!
- Geoff and Vicky Stanton - thank you very much for the generous donation. Ook ook!
- Grandma - love you, and thank you for all the important bits you donated and for my new watch!
- Heather Bamford for the money and the chat on Monkey World
- Jaybee for the wonderful, definitely not small £5 donation. The world's more lush with friends like you!
- JC, my friend at http://www.onlyjc.com/. Thanks for giving me free webspace, for helping promote me and for sorting out my domain name!
- Jo Heath - Thank you for the donation!
- Kai Chan Vong - Friend, website advice giver, and sender of orangutan charity names. Kai is also going to sport an interesting new hair-do, if my boyfriend Chris can raise enough money for the Orangutan Foundation.
- Katherine Woolley - hope you like Tilly!
- Laura Breckon for her donation. Hope to see you again next time!
- Lesley Fletcher - for her extra donation and excellent review of me! :-)
- Marj - Walking partner, and joint money and item donation-giver
- Martin Oliver - Cup of cash!
- Mary Hicks - £100! Thank you so much for the extremely generous donation, it will help the cause so much!
- Mike Wright, aka my "big" brother - Shortcake says "every little helps!" :-D
- Philip Oliver - for the support of my orangutan handicrafts and for donating.
- Sarah Maplesden for donating important medical kit items. Thanks, you're a great help!
- Sarah Matts - friend and kind donator of a handmade necklace competition prize.
- Voula Gkatzidou for her donation. Thanks so much!
- All the mystery people at Ubisoft Reflections who slipped money into my donation box; you know who you are!
- The generous lady in the post office queue, who bought me the 100 Animals to Save Before they Die book for one of my competitions. She didn't want her name on my thanks page but she still certainly deserves thanking.
- Everyone on my Carbon Footprint-decreasing donations list
- Everyone else who has helped me, who wish to remain nameless

Unless otherwise specified, all the work in this website is © copyright Joanna Wright 2008. Under no circumstances must anything from this website be used or reproduced without the owner's permission. The orangutans are watching you.