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17th May 2013 - New diary entry.
17th Jan 2013 - New diary entry.
3rd June 2010 - New diary entry.
4th May 2010 - New diary entry.
27th April 2010 - Colour-me-in picture available on my downloads page. Have fun!
16th March 2010 - New diary entry is up.
25th April 2009 - Chester, Ed and friends (Necklace Jungle orangutan handicrafts and jewellery), are available to buy in my shop.
19th April 2009 - Meet Tilly, Jack and Spice - my newest Necklace Jungle orangutans available for purchase in my shop. Rodney is available at the old price!
2nd April 2009 - Even more new orangutans available for purchase in my shop. Buy them at the current price while you still can!
24th March 2009 - New orangutans available for purchase in my shop.
10th December 2008 - Half way fund raising mark reached!
3rd December 2008 - Reminder of my JW goes Orange fundraising:

28th September 2008 - More new Necklace Jungle Orangutans available!
19th September 2008 - New Necklace Jungle Orangutans available! A new banner is up too!
15th September 2008 - Make me orange and help my Orangutan Foundation fund-raising!
11th September 2008 - Important notice about my shop, here!
1st September 2008 - New fun items in my shop!
28th August 2008 - My review for OHP is up!
26th August 2008 - My July and August diary entries are finally all up to date! Now I just have to write about my Discworld Convention trip. Hooray!
18th August 2008 - New orangutan artwork is up!
7th August 2008 - My new address for donations to be sent to is now up. Don't forget 888 is tomorrow!
2nd August 2008 - June diary entries are all up, but I still have a lot to add to July.
31st July 2008 - I'm not dead! I'm just having problems using my computer (i.e I've been moving house and it's in a box). Pet portraits are taking longer than normal because I'm super busy (sorry) but they will get done.
14th May 2008 - We've decided on the winners of the Palm-Free Name Me competition.
9th May 2008 - STAMP APPEAL - Orangutan Foundation wants your stamps!
27th March 2008 - Yay, we now have a FORUM.
24th March 2008 - Banner up on my downloads page!
8th March 2008 - Updated About Me page.
4th March 2008 - I've noticed that Internet Explorer 6 doesn't like things like .png images. If you have that, it may be a good idea to update your browser, but I'll probably try and fix some bits anyway.
4th March 2008 - Added more information about how the donations will be put to good use.
2nd March 2008 - Website is up!
2nd March 2008 - First fund-raising competition launched!

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